Howzat-Batting Tips, Tricks And Cheats

In order to score high runs in an innings, your timing and shot selection is the most important factor in batting

Here are some tips,tricks and cheats of batting:

  • Shot selection and timinig is key to score more runs.
  • Always select the shot before the bowler deliver the ball.
  • Judgment of ball is important factor to improve batting skills.
  • Play grounds shots.
  • In order to ruin your opponents bowling play lofted shots with perfect timing.
  • Running between the wicket is necessary.
  • Set your batting order according to the players level.
  • Improve your batsmen ranks by winning matches.

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Howzat-Multiplayer Online Game

Howzat is the first free onlnie flash multiplayer game. As a batsman,you you can play awesome 19 professional batting shots, and when bowling, you get to use swing/spin meter to confuse the batsman in order to get him out.

Howzat-the flash cricket action game with manager functionality, enabling players to set up, evolve and play with their own team right within your browser,you dont need any kind of installation. Batting teams enjoy 20 shots for a realistic simulation of the game, while the bowling side can chose from a variety of deliveries. Players improve their teams over time by earning ‘Points’. Users are even offered the option to customize their player names, team uniforms to any color they wish.

Here are some screen snaps of  HOWZAT