Howzat-How to Increase Level Cheat

In order to increase your level in Howzat. Follow the given points below.

Tips, Tricks and Cheats for leveling up your team in Howzat

  • Create two Howzat Account with different ids
  • Login the two account in different browsers
  • Go to the list of available player to compete from 1 of your ID
  • Search your other ID in the list of available players
  • After successfully searching your ID, send a match request to your other ID
  • Accept the match invitation
  • Toss the coin
  • Select batting from any of your team which have won the toss
  • Select your best Batsmen for opening the innings
  • Select the slow bowler
  • Choose leg side or off side fielding, so that you can score maximum runs in 5 over match
  • Try to hit 6 on every ball
  • By scoring maximum runs you will be able to unlock most of your achievements
  • After scoring huge amount of runs, now start bowling
  • Bold all of batsmen of your other ID
  • Try to out the team without letting them to score
  • This is the best way to level up your team and earn money 

NOTE : By doing this , your accounts may get ban...Beware..!!!

Howzat-Run out Bug

Recently there was a run out bug in howzat game. The run out bug was good for the batsmen as they were not getting run out even if the wicket keeper hit the stump before the reach the crease.

But now the Howzat team has fixed this run out bug and you can play and enjoy howzat again.

Here is the video of Run Out bug.Those who have missed this bug will be curing themselves but never mind it was just a bug.