Howzat-How to Increase Level Cheat

In order to increase your level in Howzat. Follow the given points below.

Tips, Tricks and Cheats for leveling up your team in Howzat

  • Create two Howzat Account with different ids
  • Login the two account in different browsers
  • Go to the list of available player to compete from 1 of your ID
  • Search your other ID in the list of available players
  • After successfully searching your ID, send a match request to your other ID
  • Accept the match invitation
  • Toss the coin
  • Select batting from any of your team which have won the toss
  • Select your best Batsmen for opening the innings
  • Select the slow bowler
  • Choose leg side or off side fielding, so that you can score maximum runs in 5 over match
  • Try to hit 6 on every ball
  • By scoring maximum runs you will be able to unlock most of your achievements
  • After scoring huge amount of runs, now start bowling
  • Bold all of batsmen of your other ID
  • Try to out the team without letting them to score
  • This is the best way to level up your team and earn money 

NOTE : By doing this , your accounts may get ban...Beware..!!!


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