ICC Cricket Worldcup 2011 Official Video Game tips, tricks and cheats

ICC Cricket Worldcup 2011 Official Video Game is a recently developed game by Mind storm i.e, developed by Pakistani guys. Since the game is still in testing state so you will come across alot of cheats. There are alot of cheats but they are of no use. The reason behind this fact is that as the game is not completed yet due to which alot of bugs are in the game. Mostly people think of these bugs as cheats but honestly speaking these are not cheats.
Here are some tips and tricks:

Download Cricket Power for Free

ICC Cricket World cup 2011 Official video game is specially designed for the mega event that comes after every 4 years. The game is developed by  MIND STORM STUDIOS. Mind storm studios is owned by Pakistani guys. 
The game has two versions.

  1. Browser based
  2. Desktop based
In browser based version all you have to do is to create an account and login to the website.
In desktop version, you have to buy the game or download the demo version of the game to play without using internet.

In order to download the game please click on the given link below

*demo version

Hit And Run

Please wait while the game loads.

Hit and Run is a game recently developed by Yahoo games. The best thing about this game is that it is dual mode game

Survival Mode
Challenge Mode

In both modes you are given different scenarios in which you have to chase the given target. I hope you people will like this game