Howzat-How to manage Squad(Tips,Tricks,Cheats)

There are several tips for managing squad.Few of them are as follows:

Try to increase your winning percentage of matches
Buy players of level 60 and above
Buy atleast 5 genuine Batsmen
Make your 2 batsmen right handed and 2 batsmen left handed. This will help you to interrupt opponent's bowling attack
Set the attributes of 1 genuine batsman as Wicket Keeper.
Buy Atleast 3 genuine Bowlers
As there is no room for spinners in the new howzat interface. Buy all the fast bowlers of level 70 or above
Buy 3 all rounders if you want
If you don't want to buy all rounders then buy 2 genuine fast bowlers and 1 genuine batsman.

If you follow these instructions. I am sure your team will be better than AUSTRALIA    :)


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